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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 30, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's a brand-new week and we've got brand-new videos right here, "right this minute." [ bleep ] me. >> it's a chilling sight in a road rage showdown. >> it gets crazier. >> see what happens when somebody dares him to shoot. >> get out the car [ bleep ]. >> look at this guy! >> some buddy are racing for the best time. >> watch what happens. >> the video that's an anatomy of a car crash. foodies love master chefs and now, here's something extra
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special. >> join me for our first ever master chef cruise to the caribbean. >> see how to get a ticket to food heaven and sample treats from master chef junior. >> the maids come in, put one of my macaroons on each pillow. baseball day at rtm. find out why fabian has us throwing out the first pitch. >> lots of people talking about this video, out of fulton dale, alabama. right off the bat. >> [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]. it's called traffic, you [ bleep ]. you're -- you [ bleep ] idiot. >> my -- >> it's called traffic. >> yeah, right off the bat, video posted about a guy names charles online. what he says he was on his motorcycle and he says this guy in the suv with this gun brake checked him a couple ofwham stog
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on the motorcycle tried to go around the driver of the suv, and that's when this altercation happened. >> butcher to bumper traffic and you're mad. >> yeah. >> [ bleep ]. >> butmper to butcher. >> all the way while charles filming this exchange. gets crazy. >> you're badass with a pistol. [ bleep ]. >> traffic, traffic. >> ready to blow your [ bleep ] head off. >> the dude looks like he does have his finger on the trigger which you're not supposed to do unless you intend to shoot. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'll knock your bitch ass up. get out the car, bitch. get out the car, [ bleep ]. >> the guy does not get out but that's when things end. the guy peels off. charles posted and this people online have lots to say about this. saying that it could be fate. if someone puts a gun in your face, why are you changing around. charles posted this and he
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swears that it's real. now, charles did tell us on the phone, he did file a police report, but still no word from the police whether there's been any charges. >> we've seen so many ridiculous road rage incidents, this looks totally real to me, which is scary. >> you're badass with a pistol. >> ride this [ bleep ]. >> traffic, traffic, traffic. >> ready to blow your [ bleep ] head off. >> anatomy of a car crash, this happened in atlanta. riding with scott. >> racing in bmw 325-i. this is just qualifying, just racing for time. two cars ahead, scott's good buddies. as they come around this turn, aaron slows down to let greg smith pass on the right. they're good friends they want to try to get their best qualifying time. watch what happens. >> oh, oh, oh.
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>> scott breaks it down and explains why he shows us different angles. he believes when the cars got together three-wide on straightaway the different air pressure, 90 miles an hour, create a low pressure, suction, and that's how they get together. one guy turns into another perfectly. you may have noticed that going down a highway and pass a truck, it feels like you're getting sucked into the truck. >> yeah. >> that's what's happening here. >> great on the right, passing aaron. it wasn't much. >> crazy it happened in the straightaway, right? >> from right behind the incident. they go in the pass. just watch. doesn't look like anybody turns. >> oh! oh! >> totally sandwiched and hit the guy in the middle. >> a car sandwich. >> keep that in mind, next time on the highway. >> next time i'm racing. >> don't be the car in the middle. >> in the middle. >> we've seen lots of videos on
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the show of people getting dragged by police like this. usually it's somebody who is drunk or maybe somebody who has been tasered. when i tell you the story behind this one, you're going to say, what? that man right there is identified as one wanted by police since 2008. police allege that he ordered the hit on a mayoral aide. never believe police found him in the icu of a hospital. he was in intensive care. they drag him out of the hospital. dragging him through the airport. this isn't the end of the story. >> what? >> two officers took him to the airport because they wanted to board a plane with this man and take him to the police station in the town where he was wanted. the airline said, this man is sick. we can't put him on the plane. so, they put him on the luggage rack. >> what? >> checked him in as luggage to find him back.
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>> are they real police officers or imposters. >> they're not real police officer is in mor because they're fired. >> like a "weekend at bernie's" moment. >> the man had trouble breathing. airport officers said, let us take him to the hospital. the during the argument the man reportedly died. >> i feel like some sort of bounty or some sort of reward for this guy that these officers were trying to cash in on something. >> doesn't add up. >> the fact that the airline considered, we could check this man, just tag him. >> one incident where the airline did the right thing and said, no, we will not accept him as a passenger, no not as luggage. >> dealing with a hitman, something shady's going on. >> yep. guys, you want to wring my neck later because this song is going to get stuck in your head and you're going to be singing it the rest of the day. >> great. >> and maybe tomorrow.
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♪ nice ride it's a nice ride ♪ ♪ when you're on a nice ride riding with your best friend nice ride ♪ ♪ it's a nice ride when you're on a nice ride ♪ ♪ riding with your best friend. >> catchy, isn't it? >> relatable. >> "nice ride" the musical. advertisement put together by nonprofit organization in minnesota you pay a monthly fee, 15 bucks, get a key to bicycle sharing system and ride a nice ride bike anywhere in minneapolis, in the twin city. >> you have a song you can sing while riding this bike. >> awesome. ♪ nice ride it's a nice ride ♪ ♪ when you ride a nice ride riding with your best friend♪ >> they've been around since 2008. the music video for the new key card feature ♪ i've got a key now i'm a man now ♪ ♪ all across the city
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april to november♪ >> i like him. i like that guy. >> he's emotional about it. >> it makes you want to go to to register. don't you want a key to one of these bikes? >> right. ♪ nice ride ♪ >> it's something -- >> security cameras record a horrific crash as it happened. >> the officers quickly on the scene and he's probably thinking those kids didn't make it. >> see what went wrong, next. >> master chef food and a crew, love food, love this. how awesome is this. see what they're cooking up on "right this minute." day up the perfg begins with h ararththrirititia two pills. afafteternrnoooon n ararririveg gthat's two more pills. ththe e evevenenining'g's s eves laughter, joy, and more pain... whwhenen j jamamieie s saya. whwhatat's's t thahat t lilikeks today? yeah... i i cacan n tatakeke 2 2 a aley relief. realallyly, , anand.d..
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canadian teenager's lucky to be alive after security cameras caught this incident. watch what happens. >> oh. oh, wrapped around the telephone pole. >> yeah. two teen boys, 16 and 17 years old, the car flips up on its side and comes to an abrupt stop. looks like an officer on scene immediately after the crash. those two boys lucky to be alive. they're in the hospital. they did experience broken bones and serious injuries but police believe speed was a factor in the crash, not alcohol or drugs. >> we don't know for sure, but to me, i've got to think the guys had their seat belt on at least, if not they'd be ejected. >> tell your kid, make sure you're driving safely. a couple of weeks are
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crossing two sets of train tracks. got this third truck back here about to cross. bam. >> what? >> whoa. >> any kind of signal? >> no. this is under investigation, but it doesn't appear there were any kind of lights, signs, gates of any sort. that truck getting crushed by that large passenger train. the driver, again, survived this incident. he was taken to the hospital with injuries, but looked like nobody noticed. when you look at guys on the motorcycle, they don't realize the train's coming. they're going straight ahead. >> i don't know how you miss a speeding train. >> that is crazy. . >> if you're a foodie you probably love fox's hit summer series "master chef" if you've seen it awesome judges. a cooking competition but for home cook, not professional chefs. home cooks who compete against these others to become the
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master chef. if you're a huge foodie and a huge fan of the show, here's something extra special that's going to help people hone their culinary skills. >> join me for our first ever master chef cruise to the caribbean. >> in november, book a ticket on the cruise and join master chef graham elliott and steven winters from master chef and the winner of master chef junior, 13-year-old alexander. all on the cruise doing cooking demonstrations, teaching classes, letting you taste their food. seven day cruise through the caribbean on a holland america cruise line. the ms wester dam. >> you don't have to win a spot, you just go. >> from ft. lauderdale. go from november 8th to the 15th. book reservations before slots are sold out. to tell us about this, we have the master chef junior winner,
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he's now 14, alexander. he's also going to be on this monday's episode of master chef but we get to see him right now. welcome to the show, alexander. >> thank you. >> this is so incredibly exciting. tell us about the cruise and exactly what you'll be doing on this awesome adventure. >> the cruise is jam packed. i'll be doing a pasta demo. i'll be doing my french macaroon demo. when you leave your room, after you get out of bed, walk around the cruise, maids come in and put one of my mack karroum's on each person's pillow. it will be fun. >> what's fascinating about being achef for you. >> i think my parents were big inspirations, so that fascinated me how my mom baked and my dad cooked. >> you're on the next episode as kind of a celebrity judge. tell us what your role is on this episode. >> basically, my role is a role to cook a dish present to
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remaining winner and the mystery box will section off who cooks lucas' dish and my dish. i made a raspberry cooley, a crumble. >> he's on tonight's episode, creatures versu loud humans. >> ahhh. >> see who wins next "right this minute." >> that guy's in the kid's playhouse about to find something. >> that's not an old fan belt. >> see what he gets, next. his childhood dream, do something crazy. >> he knows that this stunt could end his life. >> see if he can jump and live on "right this minute."
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when you set up a playhouse for your kids, you put a lot of stuff in there fun stuff. here's one. looks like a very simple one, but there is something in there, i'm sure parents did not intend to be there. >> goo. >> did you see the big thing in there? >> wow. >> coiled up snake. >> that's not an old sand belt. >> no, but this guy manages to get tonight pole. they here to oiz ittheorize wit. they don't know. >> you hear a rattle. >> yeah, it rattled. >> a flake that big would have a pronounced rattle at this point. >> they're not trying to hide that rattle. >> at all. >> they have it for a reason. >> i think that snake thought that was a chicken coop. i think the snake thought it was
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going to find chicken eggs. >> have a feast, delicious, gnocchi eggs. all it got was a big old pole up its butt. word on the street it was released nearby. they're not worried about it because they done think it's dangerous or venomous and thinks it keeps rat numbers down. >> i came up with the idea when i was 12 or 13. i just thought, super fun to b.a.s.e jump from. >> as kids we have dreams. for brad o'neal, one of his childhood dreams involved jumping a motorcycle and b.a.s.e jumping from it. it's all documented in a new short film called "follow your fears by live unbounds." is crazy. he took his idea to all of the different action sports companies out there and every single one of them turned him down. he decided, i guess i'm going to have to make my dreams come true myself. >> i've learned everything i could to make it happen. >> but first, he's got to practice his jump in utah.
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how do you practice that thing go straight up? where does he land. >> you'll see. here he goes. >> whoa. >> okay. that's pretty cool. >> the test went perfectly. and brad's a pretty intraspecive guy. he knows the stunt could end his life. >> i'm not the first person to do a moto jump off the cliff but i'm the first to attempt to do it on flat ground. >> basically, going to jump his motorcycle as high up as he can to gain the altitude that he needs to safely jump off that motorcycle and land right back on the ground. he needs to get up to 80 miles per hour to get this jump. >> whoa. >> wow. >> oh! >> oh, that didn't give him much time for that to slow him down. >> for him, a huge moment. that was it.
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there's no fanfare out there. there's no huge drink companies behind him. he believed in this stunt. he believed in what he weanted o do in creating the moment. >> it's like little trophies. filled with trophies in my soul. >> you don't have to whip it. just throw it. >> we're warming it up in the rtm bull pen. see why practice has to make perfect on "right this minute."
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for a good laugh, look around the internet, search for baseball fail. you'll find a lot of videos like this dude. why he's on a hillside taking a swing, i have no idea. but someone throws him the ball. he foul tips it, tries to catch it, and then just goes straight down. >> owner. >> a lot of good stuff. this good, too. these guys trying to set up a cool pitch. let's pitch to each other, get it on camera.
9:26 am
>> oh! >> right at the camera. that's pretty good aim. >> another one here, backyard baseball. a lot of these online. dad and son. oh! >> smacked him in the head. >> dad. >> looks like a softball. embarrassing moments for these people. not as embarrass as what they do with first pitch at baseball games. everybody talking about 50 cent, worst first pitch of all time. many terrible ones. jun 3rd, i'm throwing out a pitch in pittsburgh pnc park, for my team, pittsburgh pirates who i've followed my entire life. i can't believe it's going to happen when i told my friends everybody started to make fun of me, i have a terrible arm. i thought, before i go and do this, let's all practice, like the entire office, let's measure it out, home plate to the pitcher's mound is 664 feet. we measured it out.
9:27 am
we'll use this as a plate. >> okay. >> set this. measured from like right here. >> oh, oh. >> throw from way down here. i'll catch. you don't have to whip it. just throw it. >> where do you to throw it. >> this isn't even 60.6. >> here we go. oh, wow! >> i got it far enough. >> can i throw an apple? >> throw an apple. >> oh! that would have made it. >> all right. here we go. >> come on. >> it was right on the ground. >> i'll take it.
9:28 am
>> that was loaded. that was loaded. >> oh, boy. that was 50 cent. >> come on, you can do it. >> yeah. >> pretty good. pretty good. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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troutman. great videos from the web are coming your way "right this minute." a driver is jumped by a madman. >> he's trying to gain control of the bus. >> how brave passengers took down the attacker who still got one wrenching blow. cops think two guys are talking about drugs. >> says, got a nickel sack for sure. >> the young guy in the car says, no, no, no, you heard us wrong. >> no, nickel back. that guy was blaring nickel back. >> the nickel sack/nickel back showdown. >> precision tree cutting that is -- >> anything but


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